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4-H Canada Youth Advisory Committee

4-H Canada Youth Advisory Committee

YAC is the national youth voice for 4-H Canada, providing leadership opportunities for outstanding young people from across the country who have been part of 4-H and want to continue to play a role and contribute. YAC is made up of 12 provincial members who meet as a committee on a regular basis, play a large ambassador role within their provinces, make recommendations to 4-H Canada regarding programming, policy development, marketing and communications, and represent 4-H Canada at events and conferences.

YAC Members from across the country attended Leadership Summit in Ottawa in February 2015.

Responsibilities of a YAC Representative:

  •  Attend in-person and telephone meetings as required.
  • Attend 4-H Canada Leadership Conference in February in Ottawa
  • Participate actively in selected working groups. Contribute to tasks including:

o   Assist 4-H Canada staff in the planning and facilitation of national conferences

o   Act in an advisory capacity to 4-H Canada staff on the development of youth-friendly programs, resources, marketing and communication materials

  • Represent 4-H Canada within your province and promote national programs and opportunities through provincial links.
  • Represent 4-H Canada at various events and promote national programs and opportunities.
  • Be a positive role model for 4-H members.
Current Quebec 4-H YAC Member Andrea Soesbergen assists with emceeing during the 4-H Canada Leadership Summit.

Current Quebec 4-H YAC Member Andrea Soesbergen assists with emceeing during the 4-H Canada Leadership Summit.


Would you like to be a YAC member?

Youth advisors must be between the ages of 18-25 years. (Candidates turning 18 within their first year as a YAC member will be considered on a case by case basis and must have parental permission for all YAC activities).

  • Youth advisors must be current 4-H members (or past members in good standing).
  • Commitment to volunteer at least 2 hours/month and additional time as required.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of 4-H Canada and 4-H locally.
  • Demonstrate interest in public speaking, group facilitation and being a team player.
  • Must be willing to travel within Canada (to Ottawa in February and at least one additional trip within Canada TBD, depending on working group requirements).
  • Those interested should send their applications to the Quebec 4-H Provincial Office. Click here for the application form.



“Being on the YAC committee is such an inspiring experience. I’m working with a team of dedicated youth who are passionate about the 4-H movement and the things it can do for youth. My experience so far with YAC has given me friendships with people my age from all over the country, it has made me realize my potential to make an impact on my global community, but it has also given me a desire to strengthen my local community as well. It has truly been an enriching experience thus far, and it has only just begun.” – Andrea Soesbergen (2015-2017)

“Being a YAC representative has helped me to further develop my skills and abilities as I have been able to help advise the national staff on various projects. It has been a great opportunity to share my input as well as collaborate with members from all over the country. Being a YAC member has given me the chance to travel and meet some truly remarkable members from across Canada.” – Lexie Tucker (2013-2014)

“YAC is the achievement of my 4-H «career». It is an amazing opportunity to help progress the Canadian 4-H movement, while growing your personal leadership qualities. It helped me tremendously! It gives me the opportunity to work with other youth from across Canada but also with adults who truly are the best in what they are doing. It gives me the chance to see more widely the needs and the hopes of the Canadian 4-H movement.” – Charles Gascon (2011-2013)




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