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If you (or someone you know) is a past 4-H member or leader, we’d like to get to know you again. Your skills, experience, energy and contacts are invaluable to 4-H clubs in your community and throughout the province.

We invite you to “replant” your 4-H roots.

  • Add your name to the mailing list for future alumni reunions and 4-H events.
  • Share your experience and act as a resource (judge, speaker, helper) for 4-H clubs in your area.
  • Volunteer at one of the provincial activities you remember so well.
  • Chaperone a national 4-H conference or exchange trip.
  • Submit old photographs and other historical documents to the 100th anniversary virtual history project
  • Subscribe to the Quebec 4-H News Spreader so you can get all of the latest 4-H news.

However you’d like to reconnect, we’d love to hear from you.

For more information contact office@quebec4-h.com.


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