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Canadian Ag Literacy Week

Another edition of Canadian Agricultural Literacy Week has 3027906already been planned for March 12-14th 2014, we are looking for 4-H involvement again this year. There are many ways in which you, as an individual or as a club, can help AITC educate the future about farming!


Agriculture in the Classroom Quebec (part of Agriculture in the Classroom Canada) is an organization that aims to simultaneously teach children about the importance of food production, respect for those who produce it, and to view agriculture as a viable career option. Through a variety of interactive learning tools, projects, speakers, and field trips Agriculture in the Classroom Quebec (AITC-Q) teaches students to make informed healthy food choices, innovate to create equitable food access and sustainable technologies, and recognize the importance of food sovereignty for Canada.


In 2012, Agriculture in the Classroom-Canada worked collectively on the initiative to declare one week in early March as the Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week (CALW). This hands-on program encourages students to learn about and celebrate agriculture in various ways, including reading about farming, watching videos, and meeting with farmers and other agricultural representatives.


In March of 2013 The Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week’s program included an interactive learning day in which many 4-H’ers were involved. Nine schools from urban and rural areas across Quebec participated. There was a live cooking session with the Farmer’s Advocate food writer, Cynthia Gunn. Elementary students listened to a presentation by Leahy’s Orchards where they “met an apple farmer.”


In the spring of 2013, 4-H’s involvement in the education initiative included participation from several Richmond 4-H members whom presented to their fellow classmates about being part of 4-H. Organizers of the event commented on what a great job they did. The class was later encouraged to join their local 4-H club and get involved themselves.


Another contribution was done by the Rouleau family, from Howick 4-H. The Rouleaus explained what it means to be a dairy farmer through a video that was filmed on location at their farm during morning chores. The video showed the participating students a small bit of the dairy farmer’s day and illustrated the amount work that goes into producing an everyday essential, milk.


Jessica Rouleau says her family often does presentations and invites student to their farm because they believe it is important to teach people in Quebec about farming, it “shows what farmers do to get food in everyone’s mouths!” Rouleau notes that not many people are aware of what farmers do. “I found it great that we could teach some people about farming and that we could show people that milk doesn’t just appear with the snap of your fingers but there is a whole process and it’s very demanding for farmers and their families,” said Jessica.
(The Rouleau’s dairy farming video can be viewed on YouTube, found with the search terms:  CALW 2013 Rouleau Farm- Agriculture in the Classroom-  Milk 2)

2014 Canadian Agriculture Literacy week

March 12-14, 2014

Ways in which you can get involved:

  • Give a farm tour to a class
  • Bring in a Hen to a class and talk about Egg production
  • Volunteer to read a book to a class (AITC reading list to choose from.)
  • Your club can conduct a Square Dancing workshop
  • Do a Q&A session live or via Video conference

Contact Chelsea at agliaison@quebec4-h.com for more information on how you can get involved or to offer more ideas.