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Celebrate With Quebec 4-H!

Celebrate With Quebec 4-H!

Historical Displays

Exciting News!!!

This year, in honour of the 100th anniversary of 4-H in Canada, we are having a historical displays contest amongst our clubs. Each club should come up with an eye catching and informative display that tells the story of how the club has developed into the club it is today. Don’t forget to include trophies, photos and any other object that might help you tell the story of your club in a visually appealing way! Also, make sure you have information about what your club does now, in the year 2013, to get other young people interested in the movement.

The following text explains the spread sheet in full.

  1.  There will be a competition at Provincial Rally, worth a possible 50 points for club aggregate, to judge the visual appeal and the content of each clubs display. Displays will not be judged against each other, rather clubs will be judged based upon the fruits of their labours. For the purposes of the contest, that score will be doubled, so that it is worth a total of 100 points. For more tips on putting together your display, check out the December News Spreader, pages 14 & 15.
  2. In the community events section, you will be awarded points for bringing your display to different places within your communities. 25 points will be awarded to you for each day your display is set up. If you have members take shifts with the display throughout the days, you will receive an additional 10 points per day. Examples of places that you might be able to set up your displays are fairs, schools, farmers markets or libraries. I’m sure many more places exist in YOUR community that you could think of with the help of your club!
  3. News Paper articles are a great way to gain exposure for your club. If your press secretary (or correspondent or reporter) or any other member of the club submit a 4-H related article to your local news paper, you will be awarded 15 points towards your final score! The maximum number of articles that each club can count in this section is 4.
  4. Finally, if your club is considered to be one of the principal organizers of a float in a parade, you will be awarded 50 points. Clubs can team up on this initiative, since some clubs have fewer members than others and it might be a difficult task to create and man a float all on their own! Clubs who participate in the Innovative Ag Tour Float by bringing a banner (specifications can be found on the website in the IAT section) will receive 15 points.

How do you enter into this contest? Make sure each time you set up your display, you take a photograph and put it in a scrapbook, along with the names of the members who manned it (if it was manned!). Also, make sure the news paper clippings from your local paper also go into the scrapbooks (along with the heading from the front page to show us the date and which news paper it was in!). Lastly, fill out the excel sheet and send the whole thing to me by October 31st, 2013!

100 Acts of Kindness

The Ormstown 4-H square dancers plan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of 4-H in Canada with an extra focus on community service. Their goal is one act of community service each month from March until December 2013. They would like to invite other clubs to join this effort. Help Quebec 4-H to mark the 100th anniversary with 100 acts of community service…. together, let’s make a difference!

Opportunities to participate:

– Square dance at your local senior’s center
Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
– Fundraising for a cause
National Food Drive

Alumni Reunion

An Alumni Reunion for the entire province will be held on November 30th, 2013 just after the Quebec 4-H AGM on the Macdonald Campus of McGill. All Alumni will have the chance to reconnect with members from their home club, revive old memories and participate in our attempt to set the world record for the Largest Virginia Reel.