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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is there a 4-H Pledge?

The pledge is said at the beginning of every meeting or 4-H event. It encourages a balanced lifestyle (intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual), and reminds participants to always aim to be a good friend, mentor, community member and citizen. The pledge encompasses the ideals and main goal of the 4-H program; developing well-rounded, responsible and independent youth.


I pledge

my Head to clearer thinking,
my Heart to greater loyalty,
my Hands to larger service and
my Health to better living
for my club, my community and my country.


Who can join 4-H?

4-H members must be between the ages of 6 – 25, as of January 1st of the membership year, to participate. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, as of January 1st of the membership year. Volunteers must also successfully complete the training and screening process.  There are no geo status requirements (where you live), and you do not need to own an animal to participate in an animal / livestock club


How much does it cost to be a Member?

As of 2012, the provincial membership fee is an annual fee of $25.00. Some clubs do require an additional/supplemental fee on top of this. You will need to contact your local club to determine this fee. The Membership fee provides Members access to the entire network of Quebec 4-H opportunities.


How do I join?

Contact the Quebec 4-H provincial office by email office@quebec4-h.com or telephone 514-398-8738; provide your name, telephone number and address.  We will then send your contact information to the club or clubs in your area.


Do I need to live on a farm, or own an animal to join?

Nope. The 4-H program is for all youth, no matter where you live. 4-H does have a strong history in agriculture, but it also has a strong history in youth development. 4-H is about learning, building skills and building self confidence, through club projects and camps and conferences. We have many projects available ranging from chocolate, to small engines, to conservation, to canine!


If a member wants to join an animal / livestock club, but doesn’t own an animal, no problem! There are many ways your child can still participate. Many clubs learn about animals but don’t require the members to own them. The dog/canine club, veterinary club, or online horse club are all great examples of this! There is also the opportunity for members to share or borrow animals. In these cases 4-H leaders and the Quebec 4-H staff can work together to arrange an agreement that works for all parties involved.


What is the time commitment of a member to participate in a club?

Time commitments can depend on the project and on the club.  Club meeting times and frequencies vary; many clubs meet once per month with occassional supplementary activities.  Members are expected to participate in the club Achievement Day.  Community service projects are an important part of club activities and some clubs have fundraising events.


Where are club meetings held?

Club project meetings take place at many different venues: community centres, churches, farms, and private homes. Each club is unique, and meeting locations are determined by the club leaders and members.


As a leader, do I have the option to limit the age range of the 4-H members in my club?

Quebec 4-H is open to members aged 6 to 25. However, at the time of recruiting members for your club, certain criteria may be stipulated based on safety, risks, project content, available equipment or resources. These may include a limit on age of participants, or a limited number of members eligible for a club. This can apply to any club whether the project focus is in agriculture, food, health or the environment. Clubs may also be adapted to ensure safety of the members, for example, in livestock clubs where perhaps there would be no showing of livestock but rather a focus on aspects of raising livestock.


What is the Quebec 4-H Privacy Policy?

Quebec 4-H respects the privacy of our members, volunteers, donors, sponsors and stakeholders.  We are committed to ensuring that appropriate measures and safeguards are in place to protect specific information that is held for the purpose of the program.  We adhere to all legislative requirements with respect to privacy.   We do not rent, sell or trade mailing lists.  We understand that some of the information we hold on members, volunteers, donors, sponsors and stakeholders is private, which is why we collect personal information only for the following purposes:


1. To establish and maintain a responsible relationship and provide ongoing service and support.

2. To conduct the Quebec 4-H Volunteer Recruitment and Screening Process for those volunteers and staff who may find themselves in a position of trust with the membership of the organization.

3. To develop, enhance, market or provide opportunities consistent with the program mandate.

4. To maintain, manage and develop our programs and operations, through solicited feedback and support.

5. To meet program requirements.

At all times we strive to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date for the purposes identified above.  Members, volunteers, donors, sponsors and stakeholders do have choices and can refuse or withdraw consent for us to keep and use information.  They may request that their name be removed from our various lists; they can refuse to provide personal information to us; and they may withdraw consent at any time.  In all cases this may limit Quebec 4-H’s ability to provide appropriate service and support to these individuals.

If at any time you wish to be removed from any of our contact lists, simply contact us by phone at 514-398-8738, fax at 514-398-8652 or via email office@quebec4-h.com .  We will gladly accommodate your request.