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Hatley 4-H Club

Hatley 4-H Club

The Hatley 4-H Club is located in Hatley, Quebec. The Hatley 4-H Club is a diverse group of young people learning to work together, to respect, and to appreciate their fellow members.


Their activities include:


Projects include:

Important Dates:

Hatley 4-H Achievement Day 2016 – July 3rd at the Ayer’s Cliff Fairgrounds.

Ayer’s Cliff Fair, August 25-28, 2016. Where Hatley 4-H will have a Turkey Auction, Ice Cream Booth, and of course their 4-H Show.


2016 Hatley 4-H Club Executive

4H_logo_clrPresident – Morgan Passmore

Vice-President – Shelby Drew

Secretary – Katelyn Lacasse

Treasurer – Hannah Veilleux

Reporter – Brittany Taillon

Director – Wyatt Johnston