Quebec 4-H

Leadership for tomorrow through learning today



How do I become a member?

Contact Quebec 4-H to find the club most suitable to you.

Who can become a member?

Anyone between the ages of 6 and 25 (as of January 1st of the current club year) can join 4 H. It doesn’t matter where you live, whether on a farm, in the country, in a town or a city.

What are the 4-H age groups?

A 4-H member will be registered in and participate for the entire membership year in one of the following age categories based on their age as of January 1st of the current year:
Pee-Wee: ages 6 to 8
Junior: ages 9 to 12
Intermediate: ages 13 to 15
Senior: ages 16 to 21
Proven: ages 22 – 25

What are the member requirements?

Members should:
• Show a commitment to participating in club activities
• Complete a project each year
• Participate in their club Achievement Day
• Complete a community service activity
• Participate in a communications activity (i.e. speech, presentation etc.)

How much does it cost to belong to 4 H?

Members pay an annual membership fee to support the ongoing creation of new projects, programming costs, insurance fees and volunteer training. Individual clubs or districts may charge additional fees for programs and events they provide. The annual membership fee payable to Quebec 4-H is $25.00.


Members of all ages come together for special activities such as Achievement Days



Each year, outstanding 4-H members are recognized for their achievements. Every summer, one member is recognized with the Provincial Rally Spirit Award, presented to the person who best exemplifies enthusiasm, leadership and “Learning to do by doing”.

Throughout Provincial Rally 2015, Kira Nelson gave a helping hand to fellow members of the Richmond 4-H Club. She also provided assistance to show organizers, jumping in to act as marshal and finding a solution to overcome schedule delays.