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What type of hobbies do you enjoy? What new skills would you like to learn?What projects would you like to try?

4-H projects provide great opportunities to improve your talents and try new things alongside friends and leaders who share similar interests. The possibilities to “Learn To Do By Doing” are endless! If you would like more information on a specific topic, would like to order project books, or would like to know about other projects available in our resources library, please contact Quebec 4-H at program@quebec4-h.com or (514) 398-8738.


The 4 Leadership Development Pillars:

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security:

This pillar focuses on the importance of sustainable agriculture in today’s growing and globalizing world. Through projects under this pillar, members are encouraged to appreciate the food that we eat, and they learn about innovative and sustainable farming practices and new ways of improving nutrition and food security. They also get to exchange ideas and solutions to agricultural problems at home and abroad.





This pillar offers livestock projects for members to learn about animal husbandry: Beef, Dairy, Goat, Horse, Poultry, Sheep, Swine

There are also some projects that teach members about other aspects of agriculture and the environment: Agriculture Awareness, Beekeeping, Community Gardening, Entomology, Field Crops, Landscape Horticulture

Under this pillar, there are projects that teach members about the food that they eat: Baking, Bread Adventure, Cake Decorating, Cooking, Chocolate, Preserving

The Environment and Healthy Living:

This pillar focuses on teaching members how to develop a healthy lifestyle for themselves and the environment around them. Through these projects, they will learn to be active, connect with the environment, and do a variety of hands-on activities.


Here are some projects that can help members live an active lifestyle: Archery, Drama, Fitness and Health, Mountain Biking, Outdoor Adventure, Sports, Square Dancing, To Your Good Health.

These projects allow the members to get creative!: Collecting, Crafts, Interior Design, Jewelry Making, Quilting, Scrapbooking, Sewing, Trash to Treasure, Woodworking

These projects help members connect with the environment: Animal Conservation, Animal Tracking, Animal Trapping, Cavy (guinea pig), Bird Watching

Science and Technology:

The goal of this pillar is to engage our members to explore connections between science, technology, society, and their own lives through hands-on projects. If members are interested in science and technology, they may also consider entering their projects in the 4-H Canada Science Fair.


Here are some projects that allow members to learn about technology that they use in their daily lives: Auto mechanics, Bicycle Repair, Building Blocks Engineer, Computers, Geocaching, Robotics, Small Engines, Snowmobile, Welding, Wired for Wind

Here are some science based project ideas for members who want to understand how the world works!: 4H2O Challenge, Biodiesel Blast, Veterinary

Community Engagement and Communication:

4-H members across the country engage in their communities in a variety of ways. The main goal of community engagement is to effect positive change in your community and beyond. Through these projects, members are encouraged to find their voice and speak up about important matters that affect the world around them.


Here are some available project books that will start members on the path of community engagement: Cultural Diversity, Entrepreneur, Etiquette, Heritage, Judging, Leadership, Marketing, Public Speaking, Volunteer, Your Best Foot Forward

 Contact program@quebec4-h.com for more information!