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What is 4-H?

What is 4-H?

For more than 100 years, 4-H in Canada has given young people with a dream or interest (anything from photography to community gardens) the opportunity to develop their skills in a time-tested learning process we call “Learn To Do By Doing”.  4-H is an exciting organization for youth aged 6 to 25. 4-H members belong to a club, enroll in projects with other members and learn from the guidance of volunteer leaders. 4-H understands that youth want to be involved, accepted, valued and heard. That’s why 4-H clubs are great places for youth to learn and grow – and be listened to! The program has a focus on providing as much variety and choice to youth and adults as possible through a wide array of projects and activities at local, provincial, national and even international levels.  Through a commitment to service, 4-H has been strengthening our communities and providing opportunities for youth and adult leadership for decades.

Fun and Friends.

Hanging out with other members who quickly become friends and participating in fun activities is what 4-H is all about. The program incorporates meetings, project groups, individual project work, and special activities so you can have fun while working and learning together. Build lifelong friendships with people from all over the province.  Enjoy the thrills, while developing your skills through 4-H, and just imagine where they may take you.

Personal Development.

4-H members like to DO and we’ve watched how hands-on learning changes people’s lives. 4-H’ers excel in the areas of leadership and teamwork, members and leaders sharing, learning, growing and becoming the best they can be. Through real-life situations, 4-H helps youth develop life skills such as: communication, citizenship, decision-making, leadership, interpersonal relations and community and global awareness. Youth learn these practical skills through many different projects and programming activities.

Family and Community.

Families are busy; work, school, hockey, music lessons, and more are all vying for your limited time resources. When everyone in today’s world is busy and over extended, it just makes good sense to belong to an organization that involves the entire family and brings you closer to your neighbours. Skills learned through 4-H help youth become better members of their families, communities and our country.

Informal Education.

4-H is Canada’s largest out-of-school education program. The 4-H classroom takes place around your kitchen table, outdoors, or within your community.  It is a world of hands-on projects and demonstrations, skill and leadership development. 4-H teaches pride in workmanship and accomplishments, economics, personal interaction with peers, and respect for the environment.  4-H takes members on adventures in their communities, across their province, their country and beyond.


Members learn lots from 4-H project work and can choose what’s right for them. 4-H offers many exciting and challenging projects: photography, canine, livestock, crafts, computers, cooking, outdoor exploration, just to name a few, or members can create (even lead!) their very own 4-H project. 4-H helps young people discover where they shine by letting them explore what they love, discover what they don’t and try new things until they become a natural! The 4-H program is about experiencing things hand-on while meeting others who share similar passions.


4-H’ers enjoy lots of fun at club, regional and provincial levels like curling, bowling, swimming, dancing, fun days, camping, conferences and other exciting events. There are also fantastic opportunities like out of province and international trips and exchanges, leadership and other great conferences, numerous scholarship programs and much, much more!


To find out more about 4-H Canada visit www.4-h-canada.ca